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Net Pom Poms

Net pom pomsI have seen lots of tutorials on these Tulle pom poms so I thought I would have a go myself.  From the start I decided I would change the tulle for net as net is so much cheaper and wanted to see if it still worked.

Hardback books of various sizes.
Net or Tulle.
Strong thread or ribbon

1.  I bought net by the meter but you can buy tulle by the metre or on a handy roll.
Net pom poms

2. First cut the net into long strips, for the large ( 20cm) and extra large (40cm) pom poms  I cut the strips 12cm strips wide, for the small and smaller pom poms I cut 10cm wide strips.

3. Find yourself a hardback book of roughly the size you want your pom pom to be, i.e a 40cm book will once trimmed result in a 35cm pom pom. Then wrap the long strip around the book, for the larger pom poms I wrapped it around about 28 times, less for smaller pom poms.
Net pom poms

4. Once you have wrapped the book with net, then gently slide off the net and tie ribbon or strong thread around the middle of the bundle see below.
Net pom poms

5. Once tied cut through the looped ends.
Net pom poms

6. The pom pom will then need to be trimmed to tidy up the edges and there you have gorgeous net pom poms which are great for any party decorations or as we used decorations in my daughter room.
Net pom poms

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2 thoughts on “Net Pom Poms

  1. These look great! Were you happy with the netting, or do you think tulle would have been better?

    Posted by Trish | November 12, 2013, 7:25 pm

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